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Alec Stewart

Former England Captain, 133 Tests, 170 ODIs. Current Director of Cricket at Surrey County Cricket Club.

‘I’ve known Peter Such for over 30 years through his time as a top quality off spinner for Essex and England and as ECB National Lead Spin Bowling Coach. During this time he has worked to great effect with the Surrey spin bowlers, helping them progress into the County and International game imparting his knowledge through quality coaching. As a person he is a dedicated hard working committed individual who has a genuine passion for spin bowling and coaching, he makes a real difference to those that he works with. I would have no hesitation in recommending his skills.’


Gordon Lord

Former Head of Elite Coach Development at ECB. Currently Director of Get Coaching Ltd

I have known Peter for over 30 years. As an opponent on the cricket field, he was a tough competitor, a highly skilled practitioner and a sportsman of the highest order.

In more recent years I have known him as a highly successful coach, programme director and Coach Developer. His commitment, remarkable insight, deep knowledge, sound judgement of people, situations and process, combined with his diligence and ability to plan strategically all have been contributing factors to this success.

I have no hesitation in recommending Peter, both as a professional and as a person 


Gordon Lord


Get Coaching Ltd

Former Head of Elite Coach Development

England and Wales Cricket Board


Andy Flower

Former England Head Coach and England Lions Head Coach.

Zimbabwe Captain playing 63 Tests and 213 ODIs.

‘I’ve known Peter Such for 30 years as a player and a coach, working closely with him whilst I was Head Coach of England and more latterly of the England Lions. Peter is a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable coach who positively impacted all those with whom he worked. Peter became a valuable member of the management/coaching team, offering valuable contributions in a collaborative manner. I also liked the fact that he has always been willing to challenge at the right time and in the right way. As a person I have found him to be very hard working and honest, someone I could always rely on.’


Peter Moores

Former England Head Coach. Current Notthinghamshire Head Coach, Former Head Coach of Sussex and Lancashire

“Having worked with Pete for many years he has continued to develop as a specialist spin bowling coach. His knowledge of both the mechanics and tactics for spin bowling are second to none having vast experience both as an International player and coach. Working for the ECB for over ten years has allowed him access to the very best players and research, meaning he has a real understanding of what it takes to be successful in the modern game. His style is methodical and measured, allowing players the freedom to learn at their own pace and to control the direction they want to go”


David Parsons

Former ECB Performance Director.

I was privileged to work with Suchy for a decade at ECB. He is undoubtedly one of the most genuine, humble, diligent, caring, passionate, humorous, thoughtful and supportive people in cricket. He has supported a generation of spin bowlers that have always known he has had their backs, has been there for them, has taught them and coached them, and against the toughest of challenges, has fought their corner, often in isolation. His expert knowledge of the craft of spin and spin coaching methodology has been honed over many years, through his own experiences as a player and a coach, but most significantly through constantly seeking out and acquiring new knowledge from great players and coaches alike.

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