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Coach Education - Master Class

Peter has led the ECB’s Spin Bowling Coach Education for a number of years. Spin bowling and the coaching of spin is his passion and he is now in a position to share his knowledge and expertise through Coach Education Master Classes.

Spin bowling can be viewed as a mystical art, consequently as coaches we sometimes shy away from offering information to spinners.


This workshop will go a long way towards empowering coaches to intervene with increased confidence and knowledge. 



The workshop is delivered in a relaxed manner where Peter will look to offer thoughts ideas, tips, drills and practical exercises that simplifies the art of spin bowling coaching. This is done through a mixture of discussion, presentation and in the main work out on the floor with spin bowlers. 


The Master Class will last up to 3 hours, at the end of which coaches will leave with increased knowledge and confidence so as to work more effectively with spin bowlers.

Please Contact Peter for more information on his "Master Classes"

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